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  •  "Factoids" was the term coined for Reagan "facts". (0+ / 0-)

    Such as the "welfare queen in a Cadillac buying steaks with food stamps" lie.

    Sen. John Kyl's not intended to be a factual statement is a more recent incarnation of Republicans making stuff up..

    But Colbert's "truthiness" perhaps best defines the meme of GOP bullshittery.

    How long can they get away with it?

    Sometimes I suspect the Koch brothers are putting stupid juice in the nation's water supplies.

    " name something is to own it." Thomas L. Friedman. Pleonexia. Ruthless self-seeking. An arrogant assumption that others and things exist for one's own benefit. I now own the Republican Party.

    by Dave in Columbus on Sun Mar 10, 2013 at 04:40:23 PM PDT

    •  you mention Colbert (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Dave in Columbus, achronon

      He said reality has a liberal bias, and it does.

      Conservapedia exists because conservatives didn't like what people wrote on wikipedia.  They've even come out with a conservative version of the Bible-  nuff said

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