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  •  It's a complicated issue since deer are declining (2+ / 0-)
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    in the Skeena, Caribou and Peace areas of BC. We know that large numbers of deer can be destructive. They swam to one small island that was not their normal habitat and ate all the new growth. Some gardeners on the Gulf Islands call them "rodents with hooves."  I don't know many people who welcome deer in their yards especially if they have gardens.

    There were two or three stories of female deer in the suburbs chasing dogs to protect their young and that brought a hysterical reaction in the press about "deer attacks."

    I wouldn't come down too hard on animal rights people. They have done some good work exposing the deplorable conditions in slaughter houses. On the other hand I agree with gardeners who hate the way deer can ruin the results of all their hard work.

    PETA have little effect on what happens to our deer; it will be handled by Fish & Wildlife who are answerable to the general public, the majority of whom care about wildlife and how it is "managed."

    The big picture is that humans destroyed much of  the deer habitat then killed off many of their predators like cougars and wolves, and now we live with the results.

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