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  •  Top Ten Ways the Iraq War Harmed The US (5+ / 0-)

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    What We Lost: Top Ten Ways the Iraq War Harmed The US


    They don't care about the US

    Article by Juan Cole this morning. Juan is Univ of Michigan Mid East History Prof and expert on these issues.

    1. ...The United States is deeply diminished in world counsels.

    2.  ...The US has loosed a demon into the world, of the war of choice.

    3.  ....Without the American occupation of Iraq, al-Qaeda would likely have dwindled into insignificance.

    4.  ...It is highly unlikely that Israel can survive for more than a few decades as an Apartheid state, which is what it became while the Bush team was obsessed with Baghdad.

    5. The US, which once prosecuted Japanese generals for water-boarding, and which had laws against torture and against assassination, became an international symbol of torture pornography when some of the Abu Ghraib photographs of the mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners were released. I talked to a US embassy official charged in the middle of the last decade with upbraiding Uzbekistan’s Islam Karimov for his use of torture; the diplomat knew that Abu Ghraib had pulled the rug out from under him.

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