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  •  Why do you (10+ / 0-)

    characterize lefty liberal sites or people that 'REALLY' want democratic, just, representative governance that works for the common good, as hating Obama? I hate the loss of our civil and human rights here in der Homeland, and I hate having to live in an economy that is owned and run by and for wealth creating  bankster's and the multinational corporation's obscene profits. I also really hate living in a police state where dissent met with paramilitary goon squads armed by the Feds and where I'm spied upon by creepy agency's looking to harvest my data. I do not hate Obama he's a pol, and as I'm told often enough here not a dictator. Hating a pol is as useless as loving a pol.

    'I'm taking my country back and the vehicle I'm using is the Democratic party' Howard Dean  

    I do not like having a Democratic administration and a Democratic party machine  with an anti-democratic agenda and a direction that is everything I have fought against all my life. I worked grassroots and here for the Democratic party for more then a decade. The Bushies galvanized a lot of people into becoming active politically. A former Green party member requited me in 2000 to become a member of my county Democratic party. She said that we all on the left needed to form a coalition to stop the right wing coup that was occurring. I agreed and put my boots on the ground. At this time however it looks like it was a by-partisan coup. This is not what democracy looks like.

    As for the left they have every reason to be angry with the Democrat's, they took the bait of bottom up audacious change they were waiting for, and got the switch. The switch that tells them that two legs are better and war is peace and austerity is the way forward.

    The silencing of the left is marginalizing  anyone who has the audacity to speak liberal truths as extreme and blaming them for losses they bring on themselves. Misinformation/propaganda is another way of silencing lefties. This administration has certainly managed to effectively neuter the liberal Democrat's in our government, they have no power and the D machine does not support them in the electoral process. Our choice is between Koch Bros/Bain vs Goldman Sachs/ Chase and even then we get a two for.

    The Law is King
    Where's my habeas corpus?


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