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    I don't give a rats ass about the what's on the presidents mind, or what his intentions are he is a duly elected pol for god sake. He's really talented rhetorically and made the perfect pitch in 07-08 to a nation that had had enough of the RW sicko Bushies who went to far into the dark side. I care about what this administration is doing and I don't like it one bit.

    I'm an unabashed 'far lefty' but most the people I know in my off line community are what you would call moderates or centrists. Most are either indies or Democrat's, a smattering of Greens or they don't vote because they say not voting for any of these crooks is my vote. Nobody likes what the Dems are doing, this is not what they voted for no matter what bs. excuses, propaganda and internecine political kabuki the Dems pump out. They all say 'what choice do we have?'    

    They all including the one Republican in my family voted Democratic in 2008. They actually believed they were the change they had been waiting for. I registered a lot of people in 2007 that had never voted but were alarmed and freaked out about what was happening in our country. You don't need telepathy to decide that what is going down is unsupportable in every way. It's why people gave the Dems the majority and elected Obama.    

    What is the matter with you people how freaking stupid do you think people are? You bitch about the lefty purists and you bitch about the 'low information voters' or those that don't appreciate what Obama has done for them. Your barking up the wrong tree as teh constant pig ignorant, stupid  30%  votes Republican. If the Dems did what people elected them for, fought for the people's common good and weren't dismantling our democratic system they would win handily.

    As it stands the only thing that motivates people to vote for them is fear of the right wing maniacs waiting in the wings. Blaming people who speak out or don't vote for the better of two evils is just plain old denial. Messaging won't work it really is putting lipstick on a pig. Why should the suxer's play your game they don't care about Obama they care about decent representative governance and the common good.

    It really isn't about Obama it's the reality of what is going on that matters to most people. They just don't buy the double speak or the kabuki. It doesn't connect to the reality they are living in. Politics are not static they are a means to an end. This end were getting is spectacularly bad, plus it doesn't even pay enough to live on.        

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