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  •  That is so wrong (4+ / 0-)

    It is honestly beyond passive aggression.

    You now kn ow for a fact that every person in your list is beyond reach or redemption to your way of thought but wish others well in their fevered adherence.

    Something you got right...

    none of you are going to ever submit to any notions of 'discipline' nor 'party authority'
    If we did that we would be Republicans and I'll be damned if I'll accept anyone demanding that I even consider kowtowing to the whims of the party.

    This is about  accepting the crumbs dribbling from the sky when there should be loaves falling. We, all of us had the ball but when it was handed to the people we put on the field they fumbled it, repeatedly. Some got pissed others got complacent. Therein is the rub. And now since there is no more reason to "speak no evil" those of us that are pissed shall be heard. Fuck baby steps that has been proven not to work., charge the fortress is the new motto.

    At least for me is.

    There are no sacred cows.

    by LaEscapee on Mon Mar 11, 2013 at 11:52:33 AM PDT

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