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View Diary: What Minnesota's refusal to ban same-sex marriage tells us about the chances they'll legalize it (79 comments)

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    ER Doc, Christopher Walker

    I thought Dill was a firm no until a conversation I had last week. I personally think he is a no, but I was told he is a very possible yes. Anzelc is the one it would hurt, but I'm pretty confident that he's a yes vote from what I've heard. Oh, and I did hear that Tomassoni is up in the air, forgot about that one.

    I'd be interested in which farmlanders you see as nos. Stumpf and Koenen for sure. Skoe and Eken and questionable. Possibly Sparks (though his district is democratic enough to handle it). I believe that Schmit and Dahle will both vote yes, even though they are vulnerable. Jensen is a yes. Right after the election when MN United had the rally at the capitol, she was there for it.

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