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View Diary: Krugman: Dwindling Deficit Disorder (135 comments)

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  •  Lots of Krugman on TV this week (0+ / 0-)

    He was preaching to the choir on Rev. Al on Friday and then on George Stephonopoulos on Sunday.  

    I wonder if Krugman is trying to make up for a lackluster "debate" he had on Charley Rose a week ago.  An hour supposedly debating with Joe Scarborough in which he came off poorly - as he acknowledged on his blog.  Some debate - no opening statements, no structured  rebuttal times, only a slight nod to concluding statements; just a couple of guys arguing, giving ignoramus Joe the advantage, since Joe interrupts, talks over, and obfuscates with the best.  Krugman got in a few shots, but mostly a wasted opportunity for the forces of Reason against those of Conventional Wisdom.

    At least he got on with some "adults" on "This Week." and made some good points.  Too bad he can't get more exposure.  One commenter on his blog suggested that he come out from Princeton and get into the media mix for a while.  If only.

    "We fight, get beat, rise, and fight again." General Nathanael Greene, Continental Army, April, 1781.

    by faithnomore on Mon Mar 11, 2013 at 09:09:26 AM PDT

    •  I can't speak for Krugman (2+ / 0-)
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      elwior, faithnomore

      but if I were in his situation, I'd be getting tired of repeating the same arguments to fools who fight or ignore it.

      He's been making these arguments for several years now, while watching our economy circle the drain as political leaders ignore it.

      Casting pearls before swine probably gets tiresome after a while.  Trying to talk over idiots like Scarborough and Stephonopoulus probably gets boring after a while.

      I'm just glad Krugman is still willing to find new ways to keep getting the same message out there on how to fix the economy.

      It is an old strategy of tyrants to delude their victims into fighting their battles for them. FDR

      by Betty Pinson on Mon Mar 11, 2013 at 11:24:43 AM PDT

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      •  I don't blame him either (0+ / 0-)

        He frequently, during the "debate" had this "WTF am I even bothering talking to these idiots? " look on his face.  But  if it is pointless,, WTF even bother?
        The real tragedy is that he is the only face of economic reality to be allowed to consistently come before the public.

        If there were a couple more, hopefully really good in front of the cameras, economists who were allowed on TV, things might be better. ( Jared Bernstein actually does this, and he has cred as a former Clinton economic official).  But Krugman needs more backup.

        "We fight, get beat, rise, and fight again." General Nathanael Greene, Continental Army, April, 1781.

        by faithnomore on Tue Mar 12, 2013 at 05:15:21 AM PDT

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