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  •  He called it "death panels" as well. (1+ / 0-)
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    Yes, he means that, as he says in that op ed, we are going to have to make decision about what "extreme care" (end of life care) we are going to pay for.  In that January 2013 video, he says the "snarky term" is death panels, but he doesn't flinch from the notion that some oversight board is going to have to make a decision that we are not going to pay $100,000 for a treatment that has a 30% chance of increasing the life of an 80 year old for 6 months.  I understand exactly what he was talking about.  I wonder how comfortable people are with that notion.

    He says that we will ALSO need a broad-based middle class tax increase, like a sales tax or a VAT.  (If you look at the numbers, that kind of tax raises a LOT of money.) I suspect that far fewer people are comfortable with the notion of a national sales tax or VAT.

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