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  •  Krugman is given a platform to speak (0+ / 0-)

    because he constantly says what people want to hear.

    People don't want to hear that the United States is in poor financial health, is living far beyond its means, and has little chance of changing the direction in which our fiscal health is trending. People don't' want to hear that running trillion dollar deficits annually threatens the foundation of the US economy.

    People want to hear that the best way out of the current economic morass is higher taxes (but only on the wealthy) and a huge increase in government spending on everything "fun", from high speed trains & green jobs to earlier retirement for everyone and space stations on the moon.

    The medicine Krugman pitches tastes great and goes down easy. Doesn't make it true, doesn't mean it will actually solve the problems, but it does make for great talking points (lent extra gravity his Nobel prize of which we are frequently reminded) when trying to hand-wave away the severity of our fiscal ills.

    •  I'm guessing you didn't read the piece (2+ / 0-)
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      elwior, No one gets out alive

      What fiscal ills? Most of the current problems can be associated with the recession we're STILL in. It looks to get worse with shitty European markets and the sequester, too. Have you not noticed Europe is circling the toilet bowl? It has nothing to do with their welfare state programs, but everything to do with cutting services for the general public. for fucks sake, we should be worrying about employment, not the deficit.

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