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View Diary: Off Grid: Utilities? We don't need no stinkin' utilities. (59 comments)

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    That's great that you got a Volt. I'm happy every time I see one driving around. Or a Leaf, or a plug in Ford. (Haven't seen a plug in Prius or a Tesla yet, but hope to soon!) Everybody chipping in bit by bit like that drives a sea change, and I think that's where there's a lot of value in making purchases like that.

    The more people see plug in and electric cars driving around and wind turbines and solar panels powering their lives, the process of fossil fuel divestment will become less and less frightening and more and more of an everyday thing.

    It also sends a signal to car companies and power utilities, which can only be a good thing.

    For now I'm going to try to get around to figuring out what are the various costs per ton of carbon emissions reductions, and hopefully I'll have time to post a diary for that.


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