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View Diary: Here we go again. Ryan says Obamacare must be repealed (128 comments)

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    The Continuing attempt to repeal Obamacare is a form of "strategery" not uncommon to the Republicans. Its "logic" works like this - they continually prop up a plan that does not offer progress, insisting "this is the only way we'll see progress," whilst simultaneously impeding progress through any other means and treating the President as if his election is not valid, so they can argue "see? He's not an effective President, or else we'd see progress. That's why we know our ways work best." What's left unsaid? "Because we won't allow any other way to work. We'll prevent those ways from getting voted into law, and if they do get voted into law, we won't fund them and force them to fail." It's like watching children of divorce sabotage their parents' attempts to move on to new romantic relationships only to keep insisting "this is proof you guys are meant to be together." Except I can forgive a child for wanting mommy and daddy to get back together. What the GOP is doing is just a fustercluck of global proportions.

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