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  •  Leisure v Consumerism (10+ / 0-)

    Shorter work time - more leisure.  Those goals were pursued by the early labor movement.  We seemed to halt at the 40 hour week, though.  And since we got it, we have crept back up.  For some, it is mandatory overtime.  Others, caught up in consumerism, demand overtime "opportunities" to increase their income so as to buy more consumer goods.  Meanwhile, others languish in unemployment and barely scrape by.

    Many of us Americans are plenty comfortable with leisure and the more the better.  The better to read, relax, volunteer, write, invent, and enjoy just to be.  But others lack a comfort in leisure and so seem bent on buying goods to fill the leisure, and to working very hard to obtain more money to buy more goods to fill the leisure.  So many unnecessary goods - so much of life traded to a corporation in exchange for the money.

    I suppose there is no point to this comment except to say so much good could come from many Americans learning to appreciate and enjoy themselves more and piles of consumer goods a bit less.

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