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View Diary: This Middle Class Amnesia Won’t Last Much Longer (62 comments)

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  •  Very much by design (3+ / 0-)
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    lurkyloo, unfangus, Champurrado

    News has brrn replaced by 24 hour celebrity watch.

    •  Was it last week that some Internet portal (1+ / 0-)
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      Tom Rinaldo

      promised us pix of Kim Kardashian, "Baby Bumpin' on the Beach"?

      #1, The expression "baby bump" is just plain obnoxious.

      #2, Kim, like the vast majority of "celebs" (another obnoxious expression) in all likelihood won't have anything to do with her child. A staff of nannies, bodyguards, professors from the Sorbonne, etc. will do the child raising while Kim works on keeping her bod tabloid-worthy.

      #3, When I read such mind-rotting drivel, it's an effort not to imagine it being penned by actual demons disguised as humans. The sheer amount of CRAP purveyed and consumed makes me say that the lid on hell isn't screwed down all the way. Hard to believe that so many have lives so empty that they hang on every last word about spoiled, overcompensated morons, famous for being famous, or that so many are willing to keep writing and selling trash.

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