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View Diary: EPIC FAIL! Right Wing Media Falls For Satirical Piece About Paul Krugman Filing For Bankruptcy (143 comments)

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    elwior, Oldestsonofasailor

    The staff of the Boston Globe and/or the Breitbartians exist in a different political culture than the rest of us?

    If a foreign press ran this as true story (as the Chinese press has picked up a The Onion story now and then), I'd be the first to say, meh, so they missed our cultural references.

    But last I checked, Boston is still well within the United States.

    You know what? If the Kotzebue News ran the story, I'd probably even roll my eyes but give them a pass, given that the minute details of what happens to those who write for the NYTimes isn't that fascinating to those who live in the Alaska Bush -- certainly not enough to read a story carefully.  

    But we're talking about the BOSTON GLOBE.

    © grover

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    by grover on Mon Mar 11, 2013 at 07:01:14 PM PDT

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    •  Russia Today... (1+ / 0-)
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      Asked Paul Krugman about the story...
      The reporter was embarrassed that he/she asked...
      There was no reason for that embarrassment, it was good journalism...
      I find their reporting to have good coverage and accuracy, of course the editorial following the report may have a strong slant, but the reporting is generally quite good...

      RW Media...
      Well that's just a bunch of...

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      I'm the only person standing between Richard Nixon and the White House."
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      by Oldestsonofasailor on Mon Mar 11, 2013 at 10:27:08 PM PDT

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