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  •  While I was whining about the weather (16+ / 0-)

    at least one little House Finch pair were busy getting off their first fledgling.

    I have a tube feeder with a little rim around the bottom  just outside one of my kitchen windows. Naturally, I check out the birds at the feeder every time I go into the kitchen. Yesterday I noticed a small HF sitting in the rim pecking aimlessly at the seed on the rim.

    First I thought it was a female trying to get the attention of a brilliantly colored male HF busily eating on a perch farther up the feeder. Then, the little HF shook hs/her wings in the appealing baby way fledglings have when out with Mama and Daddy. Wow! It had been so long since I'd seen a fledge that I had forgotten the universal baby bird's display--"Feed me, I'm starving! Where are we? Why did you bring me to this awful place! Cheeeeppp!" Dad hopped to it and by the time I got back with my camera, daddy and baby were long gone.

    Haven't seen them yet today. But, I can be patient. If there is one baby fledge out there, surely there are more. Happy Spring, y'all. 8-) Whaddaya

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