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  •  This is great news (0+ / 0-)

    Now if we can only get the almost 5 million citizens who rely on Food Stamps to come off this program, the GOP would go crazy with nothing else to cry about.  Once the deficit is eliminated unemployment and all time lows, stock market at all time highs, they will be joining us as democrats.  Ahhh. What a great thought.  

    •  The only way they are coming off (0+ / 0-)

      food stamps is lots of good, middle class jobs right here in America.

      And since the GOP is doing all it can to prevent that...

      When do we start being honest and begin calling the GOP the traitors that they are?

      •  I too need a job, (0+ / 0-)

        Out of work for almost 1yr, MBA and no jobs to be had, companies are doing more with less employees, this does not bode well for anyone, even those who are working, as they need to work longer hours for less.  Two years ago my salary was cut almost in half, and I stayed on as a loyal employee , after almost 20 years, I needed to resign to care for my child, as a result I am not able to receive Unemployment.  Though I hate handouts, right now I could use an extra $200 per week.  Life savings drying up, 401k dried up.  Washington cant help, companies need to open their doors again.  Sad reality.

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