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    The week before we were married my wife and I closed on our first house and I rented a U-Haul to move the big stuff out of my bachelor pad apartment. I was trying to to nudge as close to the apartment door as possible when I heard a scraping noise.  My soon-to-be-wife yelled "Stop!" but I just kept going, because that's the kind of guy I am. Then we heard a very large BOOM!

    I had brushed up against a diagonal beam that supported a little second-story porch above my apartment.  If I had listened to my future wife and STOPPED there would not have been a problem. But I KEPT GOING and the beam snapped and flew through my large double-paned picture window. It sounded like a sonic BOOM and there was glass scattered throughout my living room. It was unbelievable, all my neighbors raced over to investigate my stupidity.

    Now the caretakers of theis apartment building were an elderly couple named Floyd and Gladys. The week before their grandson had died in a skiing accident. They took one look at what I had done and had pity on my and did not yell at me. Accidents happen and they had just lost someone due to that basic fact of life. Accidents happen.

    I was SHOCKED when they refunded my full security deposit! What good-hearted people. I sent them a $50 bill and told them I appreciated their forgiveness and told then to have a nice lunch on me. It made me feel so good that someone had covered for my stupidity.

    I will never forget how loud the BOOM was.

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