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    ....we have hundreds of thousands of hunters with very large caliber rifles that carry for miles.
    Given the number of people who hunt and the long range of rifles, it is remarkable that the overall fatality rate is low.

    But reading your comment brought back a memory.  I first learned to fire a gun on my grandfather's Mississippi farm when I was about six.  Very controlled, very monitored of course.   He had us shoot some targets.

    But also on that trip, I was sitting on a fence near the farm house with my brother. We heard two very odd sounds in the air just above our heads.  My grandfather came running out of the house really upset.  He had heard the noise too. He told us those were bullets that had passed over our heads. We got into the house and I think he got into the truck to find and give the hunters what-for.  

    From that experience, I suppose it's fortunate that bullets are very small.  Their size may be an important factor why the actual rate of hunting injuries are low. However, I wonder what the rate of potential accidents might be--discharging a firearm in the direction of a person where the bullet didn't actually hit anyone.

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