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  •  thank you for the logic! But... (0+ / 0-)

    It is so refreshing to read an article that acknowledges logical argument, which requires legitimately entertaining the arguments of the opposite side.   (I think generally, liberal/progressives are more willing to do this than conservatives, which can be viewed as a weakness but in the long term I think is a great strength)

    But - a pregnant woman, unless raped, wasn't kidnapped by an anonymous society she never met.  To make the analogy valid, I think she has to have some responsibility for taking an action in which this might happen, though she didn't intend for it to.  Perhaps she went somewhere with the violinists friends, and all were drinking something that very well might damage kidneys, in which case the standard procedure was to connect one to another.  And she thought that if they all exercised in the morning it would not do so, and she had done it many times before without any ill effect.  But this time it did, and thus the result.  

    Whether or not she has to accede to the situation has a lot to do with her responsibility for causing it; and I think that unpleasant though it might be to consider, the woman does have responsibility that comes with being sexually active for being aware of the possible consequences.  I'm not for controlling other women's bodies, but I think that abortion should be seen as a difficult choice that does involve personal responsibility, and the pain or suffering of the fetus should be considered in the balance with the privacy and rights of women.   Any time anyone wants to make laws that control other people it should be viewed with a lot of suspicion and reluctance, and I respect views on both sides of the issue on this one.  I just get tired by all the kneejerks.

    •  you make a good point (0+ / 0-)

      and it's one thomson addresses. She notes how if a women "invites" a fetus to use her body, it's not the same as the unconscious violinist who was totally uninvited.

      Women who are raped, it goes without saying they are not responsible. But she also thinks women who get pregnant despite using birth control shouldn't be legally responsible for the life of the fetus either. Even when you use the pill perfectly there's still a 1% failure rate.

      •  now read the thompson essay (0+ / 0-)

        thanks for the reply - now I went and read the original essay!  (well, I skimmed some of the later parts).   I'm glad that at the end she doesn't come up with an absolutist position, and puts it as a balance between the rights of both later term fetuses and the mother.   I still have some problems with it, though - I don't think she should dismiss the points about not being allowed to directly kill someone as invalid, actually I think those are valid points, even if there could be exceptions in self-defense or extreme circumstance.  And 'unplugging' or 'separating' is kind of different than 'chopping up with a knife'.  The devil is in the details...which is part of her point, is that the details do matter, or at least I hope they do.

        Anyway, life is full of really difficult and unpleasant things that we do our best to shield ourselves from!  I just made my kids turkey sandwiches this morning, then went out to feed our pet turkey the leftover veggies...

        I'm actually glad for our oppositional system, even though its hard to get stuff done I feel like the current laws are a reasonable compromise.  I wouldn't mind scaling back 2nd term abortions but definitely would be wrong to prevent 1st term ones or 2nd term ones for medical reasons.   And I'd like to see more legislators worried about taking care of the already born kids around the world, who have a right to a decent future...

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