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    If you see a hero, you're a fool.

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      Don midwest, 4kedtongue

      If you see a traitor you're a fool. Manning is a patriot. You can have your opinion and your USA cheerleading flag. It won't get you into heaven. If you think that we are in some God given righteous war of justice, then obviously there is a reality gap.

      A true craftsman will meticulously construct the apparatus of his own demise.

      by onionjim on Tue Mar 12, 2013 at 09:01:50 AM PDT

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      I just took David Misner to task for painting this in black and white on the other side of this argument.  Your statement is just as divisive.  Can we all just agree that this is a complex issue and let the Redstaters be the black and white folks?

      "A celibate clergy is an especially good idea, because it tends to suppress any hereditary propensity toward fanaticism." -- Carl Sagan

      by artmartin on Tue Mar 12, 2013 at 09:11:14 AM PDT

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