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View Diary: Bradley Manning - In His Own Words (104 comments)

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  •  Your gender on an anonymous blog... (0+ / 0-) incidental to this debate -- not to mention impossible to determine.  Deferring to the masculine isn't an assumption, it's a common default, sexist as that general rule may be.

    2nd, you're the one speculating (based on your legal acumen as someone related to a host of lawyers) as to the reason Manning's prosecutors haven't charged him with Treason -- not me.  In this instance I happen to agree with the prosecutors:  Manning did not commit an act of treason.

    And C,  I don't need a lecture regarding Kindergarten critical reasoning ('He broke the law...Period') and pathetic insults and taunts from a potty-mouthed person who tells people to 'stuff it'.

    Carry on.

    •  Sorry, I had no idea (0+ / 0-)

      I was conversing with a child who can't handle adult words.  I'll try and remember to only use PG-13 language around such a delicate flower.

      •  No apology for the vulgar language... (0+ / 0-) necessary.  Just pointing out that you by no means have staked out the adult portion of this debate:

        Now feel free to continue with the kindergarden [sic] playground part of your program with lame and pathetic insults and taunts.  
        I might be many things, but a shrinking violet ain't one of them.  You may curse and tell people with whom you disagree to 'stuff it' to your little heart's content.  You simply can't pretend to be the grown up when doing so.  That's all.

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