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View Diary: Paul Ryan doesn't want to refight the past. Except for repealing Obamacare and ending Medicare. (47 comments)

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  •  PaulAynRand Syndrome (9+ / 0-)

    Major Characteristics include:
    1)Severe short-term memory deficits. Inability to recall the drubbing this plan took as recently as November 2011.
    2)Delusions of grandeur and power
    3)Selfish behavior and inability to ask wealthy masters to contribute their fair share
    4)Inability to accept personal defeat and failure
    5)Inability to learn from past experiences
    6)Inability to compromise with other adults
    7)Propensity toward disguised and blatant lying
    8)Troubled conscience and the inability to recognize that his grand plans might be cruel

    Many Tea Party cohorts share similar traits.

    (pardon the re-post, but it fits well here too)

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