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    "And folks, I’m here to tell ya with a big old smile, we’re there. We’re losing."

    Thanks to whom?  Thanks to Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and conservative talk radio as a whole, NBC, Conservative websites, etc.

    As for Walsh's "big old smile:"  He is smiling because this country is stupid enough to listen to him and his ilk.  He has an audience.  Back in the 60s, he wouldn't have had a prayer of being heard because right-wing stuff had very few powerful outlets back then.  I swear that if JFK, LBJ, FDR, Truman, and others of that caliber were alive today, they would shake their heads in grief and disbelief.  But we have two options -- either fight back and rebel at the stupid, or else dumb ourselves down to Republican levels.  And I absolutely refuse to do the latter!

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