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  •  80% of households in bay area make over 35k (1+ / 0-)
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    That stats from the article you linked to also. As is this quote..

    The Silicon Valley is adding jobs faster than it has in more than a decade as the tech industry roars back. Stocks are soaring and fortunes are once again on the rise.
    Food stamp participation is up over the last 10 years? Maybe that's because California's food stamp participation rate is one of the lowest in the nation? From 47/50 there's not much place to go but up.
    Simply put, while the ultra-rich are getting even richer, record numbers of Silicon Valley residents are slipping into poverty.
    I'm not sure they proved this. Or that the story isn't a lot softer than this, something to the tune of, "Silicon Valley not able to fully weather the housing and financial crashes that the rest of the nation manufactures while SV actually creates things."

    You Hate Cuts 2 Medicare? Do You Love Obamacare? It added $1 trillion to Medicaid.

    by CornSyrupAwareness on Tue Mar 12, 2013 at 12:45:53 PM PDT

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