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View Diary: Caution: A Hillary presidency would be a move to the right (72 comments)

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  •  I strongly dispute it (0+ / 0-)

    I have 4 years of an Obama Presidency as my evidence.

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      Remember we're not talking about counter-terrorism issues but broader FP issues on intervention. Show where they have parted ways with HRC being to his left. There is well documented evidence of Hillary to his right on Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, when the WH has had deliberations on these issues. By the way this is reporting that has never been challenged by HRC and her folks and has been corroborated by multiple reporting. Frankly I think she's fine with that perception because its the political sweet spot for the GE.

      She has also been more skeptical in reaching an accord with Iran than Obama, at least based on what she said on the record during the '08 campaign and her time as a senator. This was a view she used to proudly beat Obama over the head during the campaign, so its not she hid the ball. Now being as how campaigns are inherently dishnest and there being less reporting on her private advice to the president than the other issues, there is less clarity of what she would do on this issue and she could surprise us.

      •  That's simply ridiculous (0+ / 0-)

        To his right on Libya and Afghanistan would require Obama to have disagreed with her on intervention in these countries.

        On Syria, I am not aware of any "documented" evidence.

        Base on their records on Iran, Obama was as belligerent as Clinton.

        Obama proudly pretended he would never agree with the terrorist naming of the Iranian intelligence service.

        Except we he proposed it of course. You are pretty selective in what you want to remember.

        I.e., attacking in Pakistan? Remember that? Of course not.

        Not a dime's worth of difference between them and any one who looking at the evidence reaches a different conclusion is deluding themselves.

        You know who agrees with me? Obama and Clinton. See 60 Minutes interview.

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