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View Diary: Caution: A Hillary presidency would be a move to the right (72 comments)

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    The complete stranglehold of narrow corporate interests on our political system is killing us and has to stop!!!!!

    Exxon is blocking us from addressing climate change which is ruining the planet!!!!

    The causes of the financial meltdown have still not been adequately addressed.  More corporate shills in the White House is unacceptable! Corporate raiders can still drain away any gains workers have achieved. Consolidated Debt Obligations are the new ticking time bomb!

    Until wages rise, we will continue to see "jobless recoveries." Until we do more to tax the rich and corporate profits, the power of the plutocracy will continue to grow.

    Voters will not be inclined to head for the polls for more of the same!

    I say lets work for Elizabeth Warren! I also like my state governor, Deval Patrick) or Sherrod Brown.

    People, don't be cowards! Think Big!

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