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View Diary: I was just surveyed by the Boy Scouts about their anti-gay policies (34 comments)

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  •  My son is 11 and a new scout. (12+ / 0-)

    And I had to have this discussion with a Patrol that was out selling popcorn at a Newton, MA supermarket.

    After enough folks had outright refused and specifically stated it was because of the policy, I pulled the entire patrol aside, told them what was going on, and why.

    Any further shopper refusing a sale on those grounds was directed to talk to an adult leader present.  (Me!).  Most folks continued to refuse, and our sales sucked that day.

    I've also had an actual shouting match with a parent (while in full uniform) at a recruiting event over this.  National is costing me money and membership with it's ham-fisted policy.

    The moral is?  My 11-year-old son, when I finally explained the whole thing to him, said this:

    "Well that's dumb."

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