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View Diary: Paul Ryan's budget claims federal workers 'immune' from the recession, despite two-year pay freeze (40 comments)

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    their plight is not as bad as those of some other segments of the work force.  That's why you really haven't heard much public complaining compared to the actual feelings most federal workers have.  But make no mistake, these policies (and remember Obama unilaterally announced the wage freeze in 2009, which just made it easier for the Repubs to continue) are having a negative impact on the work force, on our ability to do the work that serves the nation, and on the local economies where we live. I got an email about a recent survey of federal employees and non-political appointee managers and on a scale of 1 to 10 average morale was around 3. The top three factors for low morale were pay freezes, lack of leadership (read political appointees) and the bashing we get from politicians and the public. My work involves keeping the Medicaid program running and implementing the Affordable Care Act.  At the time I joined my current agency I had  25 years of non-federal experience with the programs I advise on.  Health care laws are very complex, and you can bet the lawyers and consultants in the private sector, who are all helping their clients like hospitals and drug companies get a bigger share of our federal tax dollars, get paid much  more than I do. But I guess people like Remove Kabab would rather have less competent federal workers and have programs like Medicare and Medicaid fail so that they can be completely privatized.  I love my work, but at a certain point attitudes like this make me wonder whether there is any hope for public programs if the public workers who support them are so vilified.

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