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  •  As an English person (12+ / 0-)

    and an actual shepherd (well, shepherdess), I can assure you that cottage pie and shepherd's pie are fairly synonymous, and neither need to be made with mutton or lamb.

    And I can tell you, most English people would be shocked to find either made with mutton or lamb without it being labeled as such.

    In my experience though, things called cottage pie always have more veggies, whereas shepherd's pie is always more meat.

    I love it myself, as does my husband.  We'll make a huge batch of base then dispense into small loaf foil pans and bake with the potato on top, and then freeze most of them.

    Defrosting and reheating only seems to make them better.

    But I do have a personal twist.  On top of the meat layer, and before the potato, I always add a layer of shredded extra-sharp cheddar.


    OK, I am now going to have to make some this week!

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