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View Diary: Fabulous news: Japan a bit closer to exploiting a way to heat the planet yet more: methane hydrates (136 comments)

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  •  That didn't happen until long afterwards (0+ / 0-)

    in fact, I have a scientific encyclopedia (scavenged from the local library for 10 cents or so when they were selling off obsolete books) published in about 1958 lamenting how all the commercial power potential from the nukes built to supply WW2 and then  cold war weapons was just being "wasted" - and they presciently predicted how someday that situation might change . ..

    The WPPSS fiasco you mention was from the 1980s - LONG after the huge freakin' mess was made.  And was financial, not environmental, in nature.

    If it's any consolation, the Russians one upped us on nuclear waste contamination from THEIR weapons program:

    The most polluted place on Earth. That’s what some American scientists and Russian officials are calling a Siberian province that the Soviet military apparently sacrificed to radioactive waste during the nuclear arms race. The shocking extent of nuclear contamination in Chelyabinsk, near the Ural Mountains, and in the waters and islands of the Arctic Ocean was recently confirmed by CIA chief Robert Gates during special Senate hearings in Alaska.

    I find it somewhat interesting how there has been no outcry about that, in fact is is quite obscure information, even though it is/was way worse than Chernobyl!

    Second, Chelyabinsk?  Isn't that where that meteor recently landed?  Just a coincidence??

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