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View Diary: The looming antibiotic crisis can't be solved by the free market (248 comments)

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  •  Completely agree on usage of antibiotics in farm (15+ / 0-)

    animals. Insane practice.

    Some universities are doing this type of work (Scripps Florida comes to mind). But drug development has traditionally been done in industry and many universities are not equipped for it. Also, laws don't generally allow the government to get IP on the drug even if its development is funded by the government grant. The only exception is if the drug is developed at one of NIH institutes. Of course, laws can be changed but it's unlikely to happen.

    •  Well, (0+ / 0-)

      the laws certainly won't change as long as the only people lobbying about it are the corporate interests that benefit from the status quo.

      I am constantly amazed at how few people in this country understand that laws are completely and totally artificial.  They are NOT LAWS OF NATURE.  They are made by our government, and if our government is failing, it is because it is unwilling or unable to make sensible laws.  The historical fix for this is to change the government.

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