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View Diary: The looming antibiotic crisis can't be solved by the free market (248 comments)

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  •  Cousin grew up on a farm... died of lockjaw. (1+ / 0-)
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    Was just 1.5 years old as his little body froze up and shut down.  Tetanus shot would have saved him.

    It's NOT the antibiotic - it's the overuse.  WHO is going to stop greedy corporations who don't care if they have SHIT in our beef... just keep feeding it to people... covered in antibiotics, of course!  

    Hide it like the oily companies did with corexit chemical in the gulf, which was already BANNED in Europe.  EPA appears to be owned by corporations.

    If you don't "see" it, corporations don't pay - but we sure do!

    •    America was supposed to be a free country,
     not a corporative state.
    •  Overuse and underuse (0+ / 0-)

      A lot of the problem with feeding it to livestock is that it's fed as a constant low dose -  that's selecting for resistance.

      If you have a sick animal, it should get enough to deal with the problem, and then no more.  And you should of course raise the animals in conditions that don't make them sick.

      I've read recently that pigs and chickens are being fed beta blockers, too.  Sounds like an attempt to deal with the stress of raising them in horrible conditions.  God knows what the beta blocker residues are doing to people who eat the meat.

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