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View Diary: Major Leak: Manning's Voice in One of the Most Secret Proceedings Ever (64 comments)

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  •  Wrong. The documents were combed through by Wiki (1+ / 0-)
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    -Leaks.  Please show me all the harm to innocents caused by Manning's and Wiki-leaks' actions.  I'm waiting.... I'm sure CNN, Fox, MSNBC, or the NYT must have come up with something to beat them over the head with by now for embarrassing them so badly in their own bailiwick.  

    The free press is under attack by the government with the complicity of the mainstream media, and all you can do is babble about classified documents that caused no harm to anyone you can name.... except perhaps the embarrassment of the corporate media, the malignant forces of war in our government, some mouthpieces for tyranny, and the war criminals themselves.

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