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View Diary: Meat industry now consumes four-fifth of all antibiotics (90 comments)

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  •  In my experience (0+ / 0-)

    it is cheaper than commercial meat at the store, but only if you buy it a half at a time; e.g., I split a half a beef with someone -- cost $4.50/lb.  Half a hog: $2.10/lb.  Means finding a farmer who meets your criteria and having 10+ cu ft freezer.  YMMV.

    •  You're right, if a person's situation (0+ / 0-)

      permits buying it that way.  Years ago I used to do that - with the pork anyway.  Right now I can't store that much meat - just have the regular refrigerator freezer - so I have to buy it by the piece as it were.

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        At the moment I live relatively near a lot of farmers who are raising animals this way and are willing to sell to individuals, and I have (had to acquire) freezer space.  Made all the difference :)  I didn't factor in the cost of the freezer or the electricity.  I am actually storing for someone without freezer space as well; perhaps that could work for you.

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