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View Diary: Meat industry now consumes four-fifth of all antibiotics (90 comments)

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  •  I've found (1+ / 0-)
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    Roadbed Guy

    that when I add a pound of fresh spinach over the course of a week to my diet, otherwise eating pretty much the exact same foods (I just dump that microwave gourmet on top of a bowl of shredded leaves), I LOSE WEIGHT at roughly a pound a week.

    Now, fresh spinach doesn't have many calories, so you wouldn't really expect to gain weight from eating it.  But you wouldn't expect to lose, either.  I suspect that both the roughage (decreasing transit times) and micronutrients/contaminants play a role.

    •  Egad - that's kinda a scary story (0+ / 0-)

      hasn't spinach been implicated in food poisoning, from having pathogenic microbes on it?

      Just saying, if I were to eat raw spinach, I'd take extra care to wash it really, really well!  But I believe that I am allergic to chlorophyll, so I don't eat it (or anything else green for that matter, except for soylent green on occasion which I've been assured is chlorophyll free).

      But scientifically your story makes sense  - if I understand this story correctly - certain people in Japan have the ability to digest some type of red algae that most people can't because their guts contains bacterial enzymes that allow them to do so.

      Presumably the bacteria were naturally present on the algae and got carried into the gut when the algae was eaten at some point in the past . . .. .  

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