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View Diary: How to Deal with Collection Agencies, if you must (77 comments)

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  •  Good step-by-step information here (10+ / 0-)

    Most of my hassles with debt collection agencies have been over other people: one guy who had the same last name as I, & my sister-in-law got into some money problems a few years ago.

    In both cases I only told them the minimum information I needed to, for example: "Is X there?" --"No, she isn't." -- "Do you know where she is?" -- "No." (Well, I did know she lives in Florida, but I didn't know where she was that moment in Florida. She might be at the store buying laundry soap.)

    In brief, also remember family & make sure they're on your side: they don't have to lie, they just don't need to volunteer any information.

    •  Yes I get calls for people who had this phone (6+ / 0-)

      number 20 yrs ago as I have had this same number for nearly 14 years.  I get calls for relatives and siblings and I started telling them I never heard of these people and finally after 4 yrs, the calls stopped. As I have a relative who ignores her debt and these calls and they call me..with her permission, I finally said..

      I never heard of her. Yes I know I said she was a relative but I have since found out, it is not the same person..the person you want is not related to me...I was wrong.
      The calls stopped.

      What they will do is try to pressure a relative to get that family member who owes to call them .....guilt them or get them to do so their relative is not being annoyed. But it backfired in my case as they found out I refused to help and got the calls to stop by insisting it turns out I never heard of this person.  LOL

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      by wishingwell on Wed Mar 13, 2013 at 01:22:43 PM PDT

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      •  With the sister-in-law it was simple (2+ / 0-)
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        Nulwee, NM Ward Chair

        We only had a few bill collectors calling us about her. Considering she's living on SSI & not likely to be coming into any sizable amount of money to pay anything she's owes, I figure they just wrote off the debt.

        And pressure us for her debts? I'd laugh at them & hang up. Now my wife might be a different matter: I figure she'd lose her temper, scream at the bill collector, then call her sister & scream at her.

        But when you're collecting money, any trick is worth trying I guess.

    •  I am not so sure (6+ / 0-)

      There are a lot of things that you can do if you are being hassled by creditors that aren't included in here. In fact, this is more or less the least confrontational (and therefore often the least likely to get them to stop harassing you) that you can possibly be.

      You are well within your rights to send them a letter telling them to stop contacting you by phone. If you do so (send it by certified mail so you can be certain they received it), and they keep doing it, they are liable for quite large amounts of money. If they don't send you a piece of mail within the first 30 days of contacting you by phone, explaining why they are contacting you and what some of your rights are etc, they are not allowed to keep contacting you. (In practice, of course, they can just say that it got lost in the mail, and send you another, but judges tend to frown on companies whose mail gets  'lost' too often.) If they call you before or after certain times, they are liable for large fines. And so forth.

      There are ways of making the process extremely painful for the collectors of legitimate debts, and ways of making the process extremely expensive for the collectors of illegitimate ones.

      Oh, incidentally, there are laws about who you are allowed to contact other than the principal, and what you are allowed to say to them. Very strict ones. Collection agencies violate these all the time, and if everyone knew about it and sued them over it, there would be a lot less of this crap to put up with.

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