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    ...and in case you manage to get this far down.

    > American, as it turns out, is pretty much English-Irish, as Daniel Cassidy's brilliant How the Irish Invented Slang proves.

    This is sort of controversial. Which is to say, basically every actual linguist thinks it's roughly 95% bollocks, although of course they don't agree which part the 5% is.

    He just took a bunch of plausible-sounding stuff, went out looking for anecdotal evidence that supported his claims, and then published it as fact. There is nothing that makes linguists madder. Nothing.

    I've met him. He's a nice guy, and sincere in his beliefs. And he did do some pretty neat research. But this is a real, rigorous field of study, and he didn't do anywhere near the kind of groundwork necessary to establish that any of his claims were even questionably substantiated, let alone significantly so.

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