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View Diary: White House tours beating out housing for the poor in sequester coverage (52 comments)

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    So, the people who could actually lose their housing assistance are the main issue.  But, those people live in buildings owned by private individuals and companies.  Yes, they may be slumlords, but they are running an apartment building and tenants paying rent via housing assistance or out of pocket pay the bills.  A percentage gets dropped from housing assistance, and probably evicted shortly after.  Building income goes down, and best case comes out of profits, but maybe starts to come out of maintenance, then mortgage, then potentially foreclosure.  Not even considering the owner, the other tenants not on housing assistance will likely suffer. Tenants and home owners nearby probably suffer from neighborhood dilapidation and blight.  Vendors don't get paid, maintenance gets deferred, so even less economic activity.

    Housing assistance seems like it could be up there with unemployment in terms of economic multiplier effect.

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