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View Diary: Is the World Ready for a God-Embracing Atheist? (172 comments)

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    I like the idea of bridging the gap.

    Years ago, we lived in Grand Rapids, MI, which is a very religious place.  The very first question people ask upon meeting you is where you go to church.  Coming from growing up in California, where no one EVER asks that question, I was a bit off balance and soon discovered that saying we didn't believe or didn't go to church just set up negatives, and in many cases got us excluded from various things.

    So I started saying, "we don't worship" when asked the question.  This one stopped people cold because it didn't say I didn't believe while also answering that we didn't go to church.  It left things ambiguous enough to allow many people to accept us at least a step further.

    I agree that there is common ground, but I look at it from the standpoint that religion teaches people how to behave and treat others (society's norms, so to speak) using fear, promise of reward or guilt.  Instead, I choose to live by those norms without needing those reinforcements.

    Today, living in WA state, I still get religious people turned off by the fact that I am not, but I have made several very, very good friends who have taken the opportunity to see how I live, how I raise my family and the choices I've made and be curious enough to explore my beliefs.

    One friend came to me very, very puzzled.  She said, "you and I have the same values, we are raising our kids in very similar ways.  I get to my values through my faith, and I'm really, really curious to understand where yours come from".  It was a beautiful opening to a great conversation!.

    I really appreciate your writings.

    If you took the greed out of Wall Street all you’d have left is pavement ~Robert Reich

    by k8dd8d on Thu Mar 14, 2013 at 08:27:22 AM PDT

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      You make my day!

      I just think life is more interesting when people are encouraged, even provoked if necessary, to be more thoughtful and move beyond convention and the path of least resistance.

      Cooper Zale Los Angeles

      by leftyparent on Thu Mar 14, 2013 at 03:23:22 PM PDT

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