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  •  The real situation for women (as exemplified (15+ / 0-)

    by my sister).

    My sister's husband died last fall. He was 88, about 20 years older than my sister, but the common situation is that wives survive their husbands by some number of years.

    While he was alive, they both collected Social Security. His payment was larger, because his jobs paid better. Not only does lower pay for women make their working lives more difficult, it makes their Social Security benefits lower.

    Now that my sister is alone, she has the choice of a) her SS benefit check, or b) his benefit check. Obviously she'll choose his, but she'll lose hers - that means a big cut in pay, but not a big cut in expenses. Rent or mortgage payments don't go down when a spouse dies. Property taxes aren't lower for individuals than couples. Car insurance stays the same - he no longer drove - as does car upkeep and gas. Some expenses are less, like food and some medical bills, but she'll have to reduce her standard of living (and probably sell their house) to get by.

    If, on top of all that, women see their benefits fail to keep up with the cost of living, as chained CPI will do, life is going to be more difficult for many of them.

    Modern revolutions have succeeded because of solidarity, not force.

    by badger on Wed Mar 13, 2013 at 07:54:01 PM PDT

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