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View Diary: Why isn't Scott Prouty at the top of the Rec list right now? (205 comments)

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  •  That's the crux of it right there (6+ / 0-)

    We are not invisible when we talk things like this up with our peers who may have missed the show. I agree with a lot of what has been said here, Scott is one of us, for that matter so is Ed who also announced on the show that it will be moving to a weekend slot.

    When politicians come out and announce support for Ryan's budgets, or the basic principle of preserving tax breaks for the rich at the expense of the safety nets for the poor, or make war on women or want to self deport minorities, or write a defense of marriage act we are listening.

    We aren't invisible when we mount a recall against Scott Walker with an electric light brigade, or occupy wall street or  stand in line for seven hours to vote, or turn an A rating by the NRA into a negative instead of a plus.

    In terms of technology I think all those actions build cognative dissonance for people who innocently used to take Fox News as gospel. Bringing broadband and with it Rachel and Ed on MSNBC, Facebook and other social media to areas once served only by right wing radio arried the video to more homes.

    In terms of social peer pressure when gays came out of the closet to their family and friends the pressure built to get rid of don't ask don't tell and to pass marriage equality in more states. We shouldn't be afraid to organize for action and talk to our more conservative neighbors in ways that make their positions on gays and guns contraindicated for social status.

    Live Free or Die --- Investigate, Incarcerate

    by rktect on Thu Mar 14, 2013 at 02:38:46 AM PDT

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