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View Diary: Spoiled Earth: Slouching Toward Climate Catastrophe (88 comments)

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    "I want you to imagine a couple of oil tankers pulling up next to a regulation-sized Olympic swimming pool. Depending on the size of the tanker trucks involved, I want to picture all of the oil in 2 to 4 of those bad boys being dumped into the pool until it's filled with viscous obsidian goo. Do you have that picture in your mind? Good. Now do that around 6.5 million times and you'll get an idea of the staggering volume of petroleum consumption in this country."

    An olympic sized swimming pool is 2500 meters cubed.  A tank truck can hold 34,000 liters.  Therefore that pool would be overflowing way before you get to 6.5 million.

    I totally agree with your diary about the need to stop letting CO2 into the atmosphere.  So much so that I have not bought any gas in March so far and I doubt I will in the remaining 15 days.  This morning when I unplugged my new C-Max Energi and got in it indicated a range of 25 miles on electric mode.  

    This is a great car and everyone should check it out!

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