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View Diary: Allen West tests a Kossack's resolve (123 comments)

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  •  West couldn't find the real world with a GPS (9+ / 0-)
    And out in the real world, I see conservatives giving to more charity than liberals, even though their paychecks may be smaller.
    The real truth is Study: Conservatives and liberals are equally charitable, but they give to different charities
    Using a dataset which uses more traditional questions to test political beliefs – the General Social Survey – they found no statistically significant relationship between peoples’ political beliefs, or their partisan affiliation, and their charitable giving level. And this held at the state level too. There was no significant relationship between a state’s level of  giving and the vote share that Bush received in that state in 2004.

    However, they did find that there was a strong relationship between political beliefs and what kind of giving people engaged in. Conservative individuals and individuals in red states were more likely to donate to religious organizations, a finding that Margolis and Sances found to be statistically significant... Conversely, blue states were likely to give to secular organizations..

    I realize that since that was a study using science and math it therefor does not exist in West's "real world."  Like most things, reality is far different outside of West's head.

    •  Sounds like the Faith Based Initiatives Scam (7+ / 0-)

      during the first Bush Jr Administration. It was a load of malarkey then just as it is now.

      I don't do good things for people, just because someone is watching. And I don't necessarily leave a paper trail when I do those things. Someone like West isn't allowed to question me or anyone else about our charitable acts. Especially when his attitude makes it clear that he does it to burnish is image, but not as an authentic act of charity.

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