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View Diary: Saying out loud what Republicans think: Gotta oppose Obama because he's black (143 comments)

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  •  no they haven't changed. your POV has. (3+ / 0-)
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    Supavash, Philpm, filkertom

    which is fine. more power, and welcome to the party. :)

    This comment is dedicated to my mellow Adept2U and his Uncle Marcus

    by mallyroyal on Thu Mar 14, 2013 at 09:51:07 AM PDT

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    •  Actually, mine hasn't, much (8+ / 0-)

      I'm a lifelong Dem, as in my first vote for President was for Jimmy Carter.  And I've been popping off about how Republicans are evil since at least 2005.

      These days, I try to restrict my statements very specifically to the Repub leadership.  But, yeah, you're right -- Kossacks and a lot of other folks used to say pretty much exactly that, "you can't generalize about them".  Effectively it's a form of bigotry: preconceived notions about a class of people.

      There's only one small problem with that argument: day upon day, week upon week, year upon year of evidence.  Evidence that those particular people can't seem to agree to do anything without gaining profit for an already-wealthy corporation at the expense of the poor and middle class.  Without hurting a woman at the expense of, well, whatever they feel is more important than a woman, which is just about everything.  Without fucking up the environment so that some magnate or other doesn't have to pay for extra pollution controls, or a decent living wage, or safety equipment, or whatever.

      Without throwing a hissy fit, to distract folks from what's actually going on.

      I just wish everyone who can see this would actually look at it.  They're doing it right out in front of everybody; all that's necessary is to realize that's what they're doing.

      Tom Smith Online
      I want a leader who shoots for the moon. The last time we had one, we got to the moon.

      by filkertom on Thu Mar 14, 2013 at 10:10:57 AM PDT

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