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    I recently saw the movie Goldfinger again, the 1964 James Bond movie about a villain who has a plan to make his own holdings in gold worth more by setting off a nuclear device in Fort Knox, destroying all the gold therein.

    What amused me in seeing this film again was that this nefarious scheme of Goldfinger was not even suspected when Bond was assigned to the case. Instead, the reason agent 007 was called in to investigate Goldfinger was this: Goldfinger, being a jeweler, was licensed to buy gold, which he was then smuggling to Hong Kong, where he could sell it on the open market at three times the price deemed appropriate by the Bank of England.

    That’s it.  Selling gold at free market prices, undermining the official price fixers in London, was the reason England’s best secret agent was called in to save the economy of the free world.

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