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View Diary: Wind power is kicking nuclear's ass; meanwhile solar is hitting it out of the ballpark (312 comments)

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  •  that's about what we want (3+ / 0-)
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    Joieau, Kay Observer2, JesseCW

    We just got quoted around $20K -- we're going to try very hard to get it up this summer, since they keep saying there will be no more SRECs in our area by next summer.  But we have to replace the roof it's going to go on top of, first, and we'll see how much that costs.

    •  Oh, $20K fully installed (6+ / 0-)

      seems about right. I'm hoping the price goes down further because we're looking next summer at the soonest (not this summer). With the feed-in reducing the bill from $250 to $100 or less it's still very much worth the investment. More and more people are going to figure it out and society's need for centralized generation (big coal, gas and nuclear) will keep diminishing.

      There's a lot of big, sunny roofs out there that could be covered with solar panels. Barns, factories, megachurches, strip malls... saw an article yesterday about a project in India putting solar panels over water canals used for irrigation. Generates electricity from miles and miles of land nobody's using for anything but water transport, shades the water to diminish evaporation loss. Win-win!

      •  I have no crystal ball, (1+ / 0-)
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        but our w/s module rates are beginning to climb again (as of yesterday).

        Watch the trends!

        "Only a Vulcan mind meld will help with this congress." Leonard Nimoy, 3/1/13

        by nzanne on Fri Mar 15, 2013 at 05:55:40 PM PDT

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