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View Diary: Obama to GOP Senate: 'Ease up on the filibuster, guys.' GOP to Obama: 'Fat chance.' (51 comments)

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  •  so we worked hard (4+ / 0-)

    to re-elect Obama and keep a senate majority so we could reform the filibuster rule so we could get something done this time, only to have senate leadership wobble. We lack leadership that understands politics, it's as simple as that. You know how LBJ would have handled sequester? He would have taken the money from red states and red districts, he would have shut federal buildings, furloughed federal workers, closed parks, all to punish the worst offenders. We get Obama, who has some neurotic need to be loved by everyone and therefore earns no fear or respect from his opponents. (disgusted hand gesture here) It's your presidency, boss, go ahead, piss it away. Or get a sack transplant from Elizabeth Warren.

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