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    Gravitational field disruptors were common devices found in many stores, and were commonly used by merchants and transport operators to temporarily alter the gravity surrounding a specific object. The dedicated field created by the disruptor can be set to allow heavy loads to moved about with ease. They can also be modified to work in reverse, causing an object to suddenly become much heavier.

    Princess Leia used one of these devices to increase Darth Vader's porter's mass to the seventh power, causing him to plunge into a deep hole made by his own mass.

    Disruptor field briefly, it is simply a warp jammer

    Bubbles and Warping

    Magnetic Field Disruptor : gravitational shielding effects using superconducting mercury plasma. It is all to do with monoatomic elements/atoms and BECs (Bose Einstein Condensates)
    Overunity Device

    There have been numerous claims of "suppression" as an explanation for why free energy technologies are not available to the public. Some examples include:

    Motionless electromagnetic generator
    Bearden is the inventor of a purported over-unity device called the Motionless Electromagnetic Generator (MEG).

    In addition to the MEG, Bearden has written extensively on a number of free energy technologies which he claims have been available for some time and he also claims these alleged technologies have been actively suppressed by government or private interests, including "the Japanese", J.P. Morgan, and "a nuclear power plant consortium"

    perpetual motion
    1. Also called perpetual motion of the first kind motion of a hypothetical mechanism that continues indefinitely without any external source of energy. It is impossible in practice because of friction
    2. Also called perpetual motion of the second kind motion of a hypothetical mechanism that derives its energy from a source at a lower temperature. It is impossible in practice because of the second law of thermodynamics

    Have you been half asleep and heard voices I've heard them calling my name, someday we'll find it the rainbow connection the lovers dreamers and me ~ WILLIAMS / ASCHER Oscar Nominated Song 1979

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