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View Diary: Wells Fargo CEO Meets a Desperate Homeowner Facing Foreclosure, Flees (84 comments)

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    While I found the comment and sarcasm sufficiently offensive to HR, you make the case for removing it.

    The diarist did not describe whether or not the woman, who was the subject of the first part of the diary, had requested a mortgage principal reduction from WF. Rather, the diary indicates that the lady was able straighten out her finances, which had been devastated due to CA govt furloughs. The CA housing market experienced greater-than-average housing-price increases and subsequent greater-than-average devastation when the housing bubble collapsed (with respect to other effected housing markets).

    I do find it troubling that there isn't more pushback against rightwing talking points (examples wrt mortgage principal forgiveness in the comments) here lately. The obvious trolls are booted out right away, but imo it seems like the clever ones find ways to hang out, get TU status, and inject RW views so subtly that they are not called out.

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